Kempes Astolfi

The engine and the fuel with Nicole Purin of the company, Kempes has an amazing vision of the future of Nikna Doda Films.

With the experience and the background of the Italian taste and experience, Kempes is the filter and first spark of the CEO Nicole Purin about projects, ideas and realization.


Nicole Purin  founded Nikna Doda Films in 2018. She is currently practicing as a senior finance lawyer and has worked at top US law firms and financial institutions including Goldman Sachs and BNP Paribas. Nicole received an LLB in laws from UCL and an LLM from the London School of Economics in the UK. She has been actively involved in international financings across different sectors including structured film finance deals. Nicole was born in Trieste, Italy and grew up in Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, UK and US. 


Nicole Purin
CEO of Nikna Doda Films

We are starting this new adventure with passion and a common vision: to realize movies and documentaries that inspire people in the future. Our team is focused and determined to achieve all our goals

Nicole Purin

CEO Nikna Doda Films